2012 Open House, Welcoming Spring

Celebrating 1912 and Girl Scouts

            Let us take one century-size step backward to1912.  That was the year the Titanic had a run-in with an iceberg, it was reported that an expedition had reached the South Pole, and the mayor of Tokyo gifted 3,000 cherry blossom trees to Washington, D.C.

The presidential election of 1912 pitted Woodrow Wilson against William Howard Taft and Theodore Roosevelt.  Women became a force with their energy and readiness to make their voices heard. Although women were allowed to vote in only six states, politicians recognized the force behind their votes and their voices.  It would be eight more years before women’s suffrage became the law of the land.

And, in 1912, one woman had a vision that would empower young women to pursue their dreams and develop their gifts.

Juliette Gordon Low announced it this way, “I’ve got something for the girls ofSavannah, and all ofAmerica, and all the world, and we’re going to start it tonight!”

That first step brought together 18 girls, and the call has gone out for 100 years to girls of all backgrounds and interests.  Fifty million worldwide have participated in scouting.

The Blue Ash Historical Society honored Girl Scouts with its open house on April 21,  We  celebrated and remembered the year 1912 and recognized the many women who have participated in scouting.

We thank the Girl Scouts who planted flowers around the Hunt House.


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