Original Door Bell



Cincinnati is known for being number one in the pork-packing industry, but coming in second was the iron and metalworks industry.

Miles Greenwood built his company, Eagle Iron Works, into the second largest iron works company in the West.  Yes, Cincinnati was then in the West.

The company produced heavy machine castings as well as products for consumers.  Everyday items included “pulleys, shutter lifts and catches, sash weights, spittoons, teakettles and tailor shears.”

Eagle Iron Works was a vital munitions center during the Civil War.

The doorbell dates from 1861, a Miles Greenwood product and original to the house.  To this day, it rings loud and clear.

Until 1916, residents were not required to have mailboxes, and the mail carrier rang the doorbell to announce mail had arrived.  Imagine the excitement when a letter made its way over many miles.   Perhaps it had come by rail, picked up at mail drops and sorted by postal workers on a train as it sped across the miles.  Maybe a young man had made several trips each day across the Ohio River, rowing a skiff with a mail bag at his feet.

Source of information on Miles Greenwood: Cincinnati, the Queen City, by David Hurley, published by the Cincinnati Historical Society, in 1982

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