Hunt Barn

Fearing + Hagenauer Architects, Inc.  presented a power point to the Blue Ash City Council in 2005.  The following pictures and descriptions are taken from the power point.  We are grateful to the architects and the council members for their careful attention to detail and for preserving a very important segment of Blue Ash history.

The Hunt Barn was a hybrid.  The upper level was an adaptation of a Saxon Thresher Barn, designed in 3 bays for the threshing of grain and storage of hay and straw.

This hybrid was developed in Eastern Pennsylvania in the late 18th century and became known as the Pennsylvania Bank Barn, a uniquely American vernacular development.

The Thresher Barn sat above an adaptation of an English Stable Barn.

The barn was roughly 50’x50’ and was based on an approximately 15’ module, which is standard (the house is also).

It had been added to at some point.

It would have had about 10 horse stalls.

Morgan is said to have stolen 10 horses, which implies the barn and its addition predated 1863.

Horse Barn and Stalls

Hunt Barn in 1900

Photo from 1920

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